Built in Commands Reference

Please use the menu to the left to navigate through the categories of built in commands that come with your installation of SoundFlow. As of May 2019 we have 530+ commands and counting. This page has not yet been updated with all the new commands coming in SoundFlow 3.
You aren't limited to the built in commands on this page though. If you have a SoundFlow Cloud Pro subscription you can download hundreds of additional ready-made apps and scripts from the SoundFlow Store made by other users or third party vendors.
If you feel adventurous you can also try creating your own commands in JavaScript. Only your imagination is the limit to what you can build with your own commands.
We're still working actively on this documentation. If you have a question, please ask in our forum. If you see a command that doesn't have documentation yet it doesn't mean it won't work. We have just been a little slow to get everything written down.
Are you looking for our general documentation, or are you just getting started? Then start here.

Editing your shortcuts

In the SoundFlow interface, you can navigate through the different categories of commands on the left, see the commands for that category in the next column, edit triggers for your command in the top right corner, and read inline documentation for each command in the bottom right.
Many of the built in commands come with default shortcuts that we developed over many years. In your profile, you can select if you want to start with our default shortcuts or if you want to start off from an empty profile and only add the shortcuts that you want to bind yourself.
Read more about the basics of SoundFlow here and about making profiles here.