SoundFlow Feature List

Basic features

  • 500+ built in shortcuts / macros / mini-apps that help you work faster, reduce blocks in your creative flow, stay focused on your film instead of looking at the screen and much more.
  • Some of the Pro Tools built in commands include Audio Suite search, Automation Window buttons, Automation Modes, Clip/Track Colors, Field Recorder Channels, Inserts/Sends/Output access, Spotting, Track search & visibility, Memory Location navigation & search, iZotope RX integration and much much more. You can read about them all in the menu on the left.
  • Each and every shortcut or custom trigger can be customized by the user and organized in profiles. Switch instantly between profiles for different devices or tasks while sharing your custom scripts between profiles.
  • User Settings are stored in the cloud and sync in realtime. You'll never have to carry around a USB stick with your personal settings. Just log in and everything's there, ready to work. If you make a change, no need to save, it's already stored and available on your other devices immediately.
  • MIDI triggers. Use any key, pad, switch or fader on your MIDI devices to trigger built in or custom SoundFlow commands.
  • HUI emulation. Use SoundFlow's HUI emulation to control Pro Tools faders accurately, for example from MIDI device faders or from your custom scripts.
  • OSC. Send OSC messages to any OSC enabled service / device / controller / plugin. Not only statically designed messages but you are free to integrate it with all the other scripting functions. For instance you could use it to convert MIDI to OSC or get input from the user via UI and send it as OSC.
  • MIDI. Send MIDI to and receive MIDI from any device. Full access to all raw MIDI data. Use for example SoundFlow to re-route MIDI, control external devices or plug-ins with your custom scripts, or to create custom MIDI filters, arpeggiators with custom code, velocity re-mapping etc. The possibilities are endless!
  • Stream Deck integration. Launch any SoundFlow command, built in or custom, with a click of a button. The Stream Deck device contains 15 buttons each with their own LED screen with custom icons that you can design in the Stream Deck Editor. Via the SoundFlow Stream Deck plugin you get access to all SoundFlow has to offer directly in the Stream Deck Editor.
  • X-keys integration. Just like the Stream Deck, SoundFlow supports triggering commands from buttons on your X-keys controller. This is an easy way to keep your commands at a physical button, for instance when you're running out of space on your keyboard for new shortcuts.

Custom workflow features

  • Custom script and app development IDE based on the same editor that's in Visual Studio Code.
  • Surface (GUI) designer * with cross platform support for building beautiful touch and mouse interfaces for macOS & iOS, that integrate seemlessly with the rest of SoundFlow's scripting abilities.
    Integrated code editor with syntax highlighting and inline running of commands.
  • Integrated documentation rich text editor with support for embedding videos and images. This can be used to document scripts that you want to publish to other users in a SoundFlow Package.
  • Cloud database that syncs user data in realtime between devices. Codeless integration with SoundFlow Apps and Surfaces to make your app data flow effortlessly.
  • Deep, integrated AppleScript support.
    Control any UI element on your screen and understand the structures of applications via our integrated UI API. This can be used to build anything from simple commands to very complex workflows.
    Ultra fast, fully scriptable fulltext search engine * that can be integrated with other components.
    Audio metadata read & write.* Integrate the metadata with a SoundFlow local database utilizing the fulltext search engine, and add it all to a SoundFlow Surface - and create your own sound library engine with a cross platform user interface and easy access to cloud data.
    EDL reader/writer. Read EDL data and manipulate them. Use EDL data as the basis for reconforms, assembling new timelines, to create markers or clip groups, or something else entirely.
    Low level system integrations provide access to clipboard, file management, reading and writing of popular file formats, Finder integration, keyboard and mouse simulation and much much more.
    3rd party integrations. Use 3rd party services such as ioGates * to upload your media files directly to their servers so they're ready for feedback from directors etc.

Combining the features - 1 + 1 = 5

Remember that the true strength of SoundFlow does not lie in any of the individual features - it is the fact that we collect them all under one roof - one platform. From the perspective of the end user, there's no need to install all sorts of different apps and utilities to get stuff working, you just need SoundFlow and log in. From the perspective of the SoundFlow app/script developer, you don't have to install all sorts of open source and third party SDKs and libraries and spend months on getting them to work. We did that for you, so you can focus on how to make improvements to the workflows of the sound designers you are supporting.
Note: * Some of the features mentioned here are in beta and will be available to all users once they graduate our beta testing.