Managing subscriptions

You can always change or cancel your trial or your subscription by going to your control panel and click the Manage Subscriptions button (this can also be found on your My Account page inside the SoundFlow app):
Clicking on Manage Subscriptions will provide you with a little subscription management UI like this:
In here you can download invoices, manage your payment methods and update account information and addresses. If you click on the subscription it will take you to where you can change or cancel it.
Here's how that looks:
You may update the payment info for the subscription:
You may change subscription type, add addons or apply a coupon:
For example, you can downgrade your subscription:

Cancelling your subscription

Or, you can choose to cancel your subscription immediately:
If you do choose to cancel, we hope you'll have the time to write a few short notes about why SoundFlow wasn't the right choice for you. Hopefully we can use your feedback to make SF better in the future.