SoundFlow Basics

SoundFlow is a macOS application that once installed runs in the background to enable all your shortcuts/macros, custom scripts, surfaces etc.
It automatically detects which application currently is in focus and only enables those shortcuts that are assigned to those applications.
SoundFlow itself consists of a few major components:
  • The icon app - which always runs and allows you to control some basic functions such as bypassing commands, restarting the backend, controlling the audio engine etc.
  • The editor app - this is where you edit commands, assign new shortcuts, change profiles etc.
  • The backend. You never see this, but this is the hidden process that implements all the actual functionality in SoundFlow. Because this process is running separately, it can be restarted by the icon app if it ever gets unstable. The icon app monitors continuously the health of the backend process and thus is essential to making SoundFlow a very stable and reliable product.
  • The Audio Engine. Most features related to the audio engine are still in closed beta.