Automated Protools Imports

Package published on May 6, 2022 by Owen Granich-Young
Attemped BIG SUR FIX
These Scripts navigate upwards from your session and search designated folders for user specified file type.
Search and select your desired file and watch it go.
A number of options in the Preset menu - mostly for features I like, such as a fixed timecode with selection and a select all audio files in the folder to, in my case, Import
Import Session Data Options is rather daunting. Might tackle it if people are really looking for it. Or ask Sammuel to jump on it as I think I've found some code of his on the forum that tweaks all those parameters. Otherwise just set it up manually once then every time you run it it will do that setting. Or toggle import all off in which case it stops at the import session data window and you can make your own choices from there.
Try them out, hit me up in the forum let me know if it's working for you, if you'd like changes etc, seems like a set of templates that would be useful for everyone.