Offset Counter

Package published on October 16, 2020 by Andrew Scheps

Offset Counter Package

Quick Start

  • Use the Zero Counter button to zero the counter at Pro Tools' current position. You can do this while the transport is running or stopped. If you option-click the Zero Counter button the current offset will be cleared
  • The "Locate..." button is where (some of) the magic happens. It opens a dialog where you can type in a time to locate to, relative to the offset. So if you've sent out a mix that doesn't start at the beginning of the session, capture a zero point at the beginning of the mix, and now you canlocate to the times on your mix notes as if the mix started at 0:00.000.
  • Note: The "Locate..." dialog is very forgiving about how you enter the time. If you enter "1:00.000", "1.00.000", "1.00" or "1" Pro Tools will locate to exactly 1 minute after the Zero Point.
  • Use the Manual Offset button to type an offset time yourself. This allows you to locate the zero point before the start of the session if you like!
  • There is a button on the top right to show/hide the smallest subdivision of the current time base. This way you can hide milliseconds, frames etc to make the counter easier on the eyes.
  • Click the time base display above the counter to switch Pro Tools to Minutes and Seconds if it isn't already.
  • You can have up to 5 of the Offset Counter surfaces (6 if you count the Admin panel) open at one time on your computer, as well as on iOS or Android tablets/phones.

Notes about multiple surfaces:

Attributes that are shared betwen surfaces (including the Admin surface detailed below)

  • All surfaces share the same Zero Point.
  • When you use the locate function from any surface the previous locate time will be in the dialog, regardless of which surface was used to locate Pro Tools last
  • The time base of the counter is set by Pro Tools, you can't have different time bases displayed on different counters.

Attributes that are uniqe to each surface:

  • Each surface can be re-sized independently
  • Each surface can show/hide the smallest subdivision of the current time base independently
  • The iOS/Android Surface can only set a Zero Point and change its display parameters. This keeps it from invoking dialogs on the main computer's screen.

The Admin Surface gives you more commands and the ability to archive:

  • If you want to save the zero points for later, use the Add To List button and give it a name.
  • The rest of the buttons are for managing the list: Renaming, deleting, clearing, saving and loading from disk.
  • All of the surfaces will only offset the counter when displaying Minutes and Seconds, but the counter will run in any format.