Surround Panning

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Olivier Mortier

Pro Tools Surround Panning

The scripts make it possible to set the pan with just one shortcut.

How to use

  • Select a clip that you want to pan
  • Run the script


  • Pan must be enable in the Automation Window
  • The selected track must be in writable automation mode (not off or read)
  • The selected track must be a mono track (for stereo track use only "Left" macros and Pan linking must be enable)
  • The Output of the track must be 5.0 format or 5.1
  • Pan Front and Rear Linking must be enable

How it works

  1. Open Automation window if it is closed
  2. Enable Preview mode
  3. Open the Track Output window for the selected track
  4. Reset the Pan
  5. Set the panning to preset values (full Left, Right, Ls, Rs - Center - Front "50" Left, Right - Front and Surround "50" Left,Right)
  6. Write automation to selection and desable Preview mode
  7. Close the track Output window