Dario Ramaglia
Dario Ramaglia

Dario Ramaglia

Dialogue Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

Where do you work?

I'm a freelancer, I do most of my editing work from my own studio, and all the mixing in various facilities in Rome.

For how long have you been using SoundFlow?

Since the very beginning, I think as soon as it was released. I’d been contacted by Christian to be a beta tester after my first bug report. :)

Can you share some projects that you’ve used SoundFlow on?

The last big project I used SoundFlow on as a Dialogue Editor was Roland Emmerich’s THOSE ABOUT TO DIE.

I’ve used SoundFlow on "Devils", "Medici the Magnificent" and many other Italian movies and series.

I also used it on a lot of mixing projects along with Eucon such as the Italian dubbed versions of...

  • Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters
  • Bone Tomahawk
  • The Big Bang Theory

You can see more here on my IMDb page.

Can you describe how SoundFlow has improved the way you work?

SoundFlow is essentially everywhere in my workflow. The main reason I love it is the fact that it helps me with all the technical boring stuff leaving me more time to be creative.

Can you describe how much time you save with SoundFlow?

I hardly remember a time when a didn’t use SoundFlow, :) but I think up until 50%.

Tell us about a feature in SoundFlow that excites you

I love dynamic scripting and meta commands but what excites me more it is the fact that SoundFlow always enables me to be creative. On each and every project I try too write a new script, even just for fun.

Why would you recommend SoundFlow to others?

Because it is the best at what it does, and what it does is the coolest thing. It helps you be creative, fast and precise at the same time.