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Frequently Asked Questions

System requirements

What are the system requirements?
Do you need to be online to use SoundFlow's cloud products?

Generally, yes. See more here.

Does SoundFlow work on Windows?

No, at this point SoundFlow is Mac-only. We are working on a Windows version, but we don't have any timelines for this, as it's a massive amount of work and we're reliant on other companies to be able to implement this. If you'd like to be on our mailing list for Windows support, please contact us via the Chat (bottom-right corner). See more here.

Avid Edition

How do I find my code for SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition?

Go to my.avid.com/products to find your code - under the SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition tab. Once you have the code, please go to Redeem Activation Code to redeem the code. You can also see our full redemption guide.

How does the Avid Edition compare to SoundFlow's other products?

The Avid Edition is a feature reduced version of SoundFlow intended for new users to get access to the core features of the platform. Using Stream Decks, mobile devices, custom scripts/macros or content from the Store would require a SoundFlow Cloud Pro subscription. With the Avid Edition comes a 90-day trial of SoundFlow Cloud Pro for new users. See our pricing page for a full comparison, and our Avid Edition page for more details on this free offer.

Can I activate multiple Avid Edition codes on the same SoundFlow account?

We don't recommend this – activating more than one code will not give you access to a longer trial or to more features.

Can I use apps and packages from the Store on Avid Edition?

No. Access to packages purchased in the SoundFlow Store or via in-app purchases - or access to any of the free packages in the store - requires an active SoundFlow Cloud Pro, Business or Enterprise subscription. You'll also have this access as part of your extended 90-day trial of SoundFlow Cloud Pro. See our pricing page for a full comparison of what's available.

Billing questions

Can I get a free trial?

The first 30 days of SoundFlow Cloud Pro are free. You can choose to activate your trial into a paid subscription at any time during or after the trial. You may also cancel your trial or change your subscription at any time in your account. If you don't activate your trial, it will automatically cancel at the end of the 30 days.

How many seats/accounts do I need?

All SoundFlow Cloud subscriptions are paid per person (human being). If you're more than one person on your team, you'll need one of our Business subscriptions.

How can I share macros & decks between members of my team?

It's possible to share packages (including macros, scripts, decks & surfaces) between members of an organization through the SoundFlow Cloud Business, Enterprise and Facility subscriptions.

Do you have discounts for students, teachers and/or educational institutions?

Yes we do. Please contact us at support@soundflow.org and we'll be happy to assist you. You can also read more on our page about educational discounts

Do I need an active subscription to use an app from the Store?

Yes. Access to packages purchased in the SoundFlow Store or via in-app purchases requires an active SoundFlow Cloud Pro, Business or Enterprise subscription.

Can I pay once for a perpetual license?

No, all of SoundFlow's products are subscription based. You can read more about why this is the case here.

Do your prices include VAT?

All prices are excluding VAT. If you are a private citizen living in the EU, UK, Norway or Switzerland, and don't have a valid VAT number, VAT will be added on your invoice automatically based on your billing country. You'll be able to see your final price during checkout.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

You can make changes to your subscription, switch plans or pause/cancel your subscription on your SoundFlow Account. Read more in our article about how to manage your subscription.

How do I purchase a Business, Enterprise or Facility subscription?

Please contact us through the website chat (lower right corner) or at support@soundflow.org

How many seats/accounts do I need?

You'll need one seat (account) per team member. If you are 4 people on the team, each team member will have their own SoundFlow account, so you'll create 4 accounts. Each account should be created by the person using it (ie. using their own email address).

All seats are paid on a single invoice (on a single billing account) on an annual basis. The billing account can be separate from the team accounts (if you want your accountant/manager to receive the invoices and manage the subscription), or can be one of the team members (if the person managing the subscription is also a member of the team and need active access to SoundFlow).

We have volume discounts starting from 5 seats. See below for how sharing of workflows works between business accounts.

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