SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition - Redemption Process

Who is the Avid Edition for?

Currently, "SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition" is included with all Pro Tools Flex and Studio annual subscriptions. It is also available to perpetual license holders of Pro Tools Ultimate or Studio licenses who are on active support plans.

Find your "SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition" Serial number

From your My Avid account

To find your "SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition" Serial number in your My Avid account, follow these steps:

Go to and be sure to log in with the account that has the subscription or plan discussed above.

If you see a green banner like the following, click "Claim your gifts now":

Then, find the section titled SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition, locate your code and click the Redeem link. Once you have your code you can also go directly to

If you can't see your code, please be in touch with SoundFlow support by opening the chat in the bottom right corner.

Installing SoundFlow & Getting Started

Once you have redemed your "SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition" serial number, please follow the steps outlined in the article Installing SoundFlow.

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