Setting up SoundFlow + Stream Deck

To use SoundFlow with a Stream Deck device, you'll need:
  • A Stream Deck device from Elgato.
  • A Mac running SoundFlow and the apps you want to control, for instance Pro Tools or Cubase. Check our system requirements.
In this tutorial we'll assume that you have installed SoundFlow. We'll go through the following steps:
  • Installing Elgato's Stream Deck software.
  • Installing the SoundFlow plugin inside the Stream Deck app.
  • Assigning a SoundFlow command to a Stream Deck button.

Installing the Stream Deck software

Your Stream Deck device talks to the computer via a macOS app called "Stream Deck for Mac" that needs to run in the background. In this app you can configure what the buttons on your Stream Deck should do, and how they look. Please go to Elgato's website to download and install the Stream Deck app.
Once installed, your app will look something like this.

Installing the SoundFlow plugin in the Stream Deck app

The next step is to install the SoundFlow plugin. The plugin is what makes it possible to run SoundFlow commands from your Stream Deck buttons.
Please find the More Actions button in the bottom right corner of the Stream Deck app and click it.
In the popup window, locate the SoundFlow plugin and click Install. The plugin should install in a few seconds.

Assigning a SoundFlow command to a button

We're now ready to run SoundFlow commands from our Stream Deck controller. In the action menu on the right, navigate to the Custom folder and find the SoundFlow Command icon. Drag this action onto the button that you want to assign.
In the bottom left part, you will now see the SoundFlow plugin active. This area describes the action for the selected button. You can assign an icon and set a title just like with any other Stream Deck action. But you can also select which SoundFlow command to run when this button is clicked. Press the grey field next to the Command: text to select your SoundFlow command.
Now you'll get a popup window where you can search for which SoundFlow command you want to assign to your button: