Pinning Decks in SoundFlow

A great new feature in SoundFlow 5 is the ability to pin decks. This will keep a deck open so you can drag and drop commands from any package onto the deck buttons.

To do this, create a new deck or select a deck that you want to add a command to then click the pin button in the top left corner of the deck designer here.

Now that the deck is pinned, you can navigate through the package and command name lists and easily drag and drop commands onto your deck.

As an example, let's add the go to next and previous marker commands from the SoundFlow Pro Tools package to your deck.

With the deck pinned. Navigate to the ProTools packages, memory locations, folder and then drag the go-to next marker and go to previous market commands onto the deck.

Now that you've finished adding commands to the deck. Click the pin button again, and you'll be navigated back to the package where your deck is located.

An even quicker way to navigate to commands is by using SoundFlow's, command K shortcut. So let's repin the deck. And then press command. K.

When the popup window appears start typing the name of the command you want to add to your deck. Once you see the command, select it then drag the command onto your deck.

Then simply click the pin button again to unpin the deck.

This new feature will enable you to create SoundFlow decks in no time.

Be sure to reach out in the sound flow forum. If you have any questions,

Happy SoundFlowing.

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