SoundFlow System Requirements

Minimum requirements

  • macOS 10.12+
  • An active internet connection.
Note: Pro Tools is not needed for SoundFlow in general to work. Even if many of our features are geared towards Pro Tools so they will only work if you're running Pro Tools, the Pro edition of SoundFlow is not limited to working with Pro Tools, and the Indie edition also includes commands for other apps. Custom scripts can target any macOS application.

Recommended setup

  • macOS: 10.12.6, 10.13.6 or 10.14.2
  • Pro Tools (HD): 2018.12 (English language only)*
  • Cubase Pro: 10

* Pro Tools Languages

We currently only support Pro Tools when its language is set to English in Preferences. If you are on German, French or any other language and you would like us to support your localized version, please send us an email. If there are enough customers who want it, we might build support for localized versions too.

DAW Compatibility

If you want to use SoundFlow with Pro Tools, we recommend you to be on the latest version of Pro Tools HD, but we have at least partial backwards compatibility starting from Pro Tools 10.
Our primary testing rig is currently on macOS 10.12.6 with Pro Tools HD 2018.12 (as of February 2019).
Cubase features are currently tested on Cubase Pro 10. Ableton Live features are tested on Ableton Live 10 Suite.
If you have a specific software combination that is not mentioned here, please ask in the forum to see if anyone else has already tested it, or start a free 30-day trial and test for yourself.

Cloud licensing & iLoks

The SoundFlow Cloud product is licensed via your active internet connection. That means this product has nothing to do with iLoks, even if it's still secured by PACE.
Instead of using iLoks, when you open SoundFlow, you log in to your SoundFlow account and it then ensures that you have a valid subscription. Having logged in, SoundFlow remembers your credentials so you won't have to log in again on the same computer if you don't sign out.
This also means that all your user settings, shortcuts, triggers & custom scripts will be instantly available if you sign in to a different computer. No need to walk around with 5 different versions of your settings on different USB sticks anymore.

Number of concurrent connections per account

By default there's a limit of 1 concurrent connection per account. If you need to connect to SoundFlow with more than one machine at a time - for instance if you have 2 rigs or if your home rig is sometimes running even while you're at work - you can purchase an add-on to your subscription to enable more concurrent connections. Please contact us at if you'd like that since this process is not yet fully automated.


At a later point we will be developing an offline version of SoundFlow to support scenarios where you are required to stay offline - for instance in facilities that for security reasons are obligated to. However, since many of our collaboration features in SoundFlow require you to be connected to the cloud, we are still figuring out exactly how to make sure the offline version will fit into that without causing too many incompatibility issues with the cloud version. We'll keep this page updated with new information.