Christian Munk Scheuer

Dialog Editing iZotopeVersion 1.1.4

This package provides scripts for dialogue editing with Pro Tools and iZotope RX Advanced. Copy clips to processing tracks, send to iZotope, adjust iZotope modules, render clips and others.

Pro Tools MemLocs 11-19Version 1.0.0

This package provides quick access to Pro Tools memory locations 11-19.

Pro Tools & Ableton Live integrationVersion 1.1.0

Scripts for sending audio quickly back & forth between Pro Tools and Ableton Live. The scripts maintain version numbers for exported Live clips so you can easily find the Live project for a designed sound again.

Pro Tools Field RecorderVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to batch select specific Field Recorder channels (A1-A9 and Boom)

Pro Tools Clip PanningVersion 1.0.0

Provides scripts to set the panning of a clip to preset values. Useful when you just imported a clip from your sound library and you want it to not start at 100% L/R

Pro Tools Session ManagementVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to help manage storage of and navigation of Pro Tools sessions, files, directories etc.

Google Chrome Video ControlsVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to control playback of videos in Google Chrome

Pro Tools Temp Memory LocationsVersion 1.0.0

Scripts to create and navigate to temp markers in Pro Tools based on actual PT markers

Pro Tools Scroll FadersVersion 1.0.0

This package contains a few scripts to make your mouse scroll wheel into a Volume fader controller

HUI CommandsVersion 1.0.2

Collection of commands that use SoundFlow's HUI emulator to control Pro Tools

Video Converter for Pro ToolsVersion 1.3.6

Convert any video file to DNxHD 1080p, a format that Pro Tools and other DAWs like.

Fader BankVersion 1.1.1

Fader Bank surface. Contains 8 faders that send out MIDI CC values. You can program it to send different CC's depending on what you need.

NotesVersion 1.1.0

Manage notes in your Pro Tools sessions. Store your notes in different categories, add notes in realtime, import/export from Pro Tools markers, PIX, and export to HTML/PDF, Pro Tools etc.

Hangout #1Version 0.0.1

For internal beta testing

SoundminerVersion 1.0.0

Collection of scripts to remote control Soundminer

Cubase MIDI+VEP selection and visibilitiesVersion 0.0.1

For working with MIDI to Vienna Ensemble Pro, with a return for each midi channel

Online/OfflineVersion 1.0.3

Take your computer online/offline

Logic Pro XVersion 1.0.3

Logic Pro X commands

SoundFlow SyncVersion 1.0.7

Utilities for conforming and reconforming EDLs, AAFs and much more.

Pro Tools UtilitiesVersion 1.0.17

Collection of utility scripts for Pro Tools

Pro Tools Preference ManagerVersion 1.0.4

Store and recall presets of your Pro Tools Preferences in your SoundFlow cloud account.

EuControlVersion 1.2.6

Utilities for remote controlling the EuControl app

Pro Tools Deck SpottingVersion 1.0.0

Spot Clip Groups in Pro Tools via a dynamic Deck.

SoundFlow Facility ManagerVersion 1.0.1

Scripts for managing SoundFlow Facility Server

Pro Tools SpottingVersion 1.0.0

Surface/App with editable button matrix for spotting in Pro Tools from iPads, Android devices.

ZoomVersion 1.0.1

Control Zoom from your Stream Deck

Dmitriy Vasilyev