Andres Daza

Brian Steckler

Bryan Baker

Chad Wahlbrink

Chase Coy

Chris Shaw

Track Data UtilitiesVersion 2.0.23

A set of scripts and a deck for Pro Tools to copy inserts, sends and other data from one track to others as well as some handy mono to stereo / stereo to mono track conversions. There's also scripts for removing all Plug-ins and/or Sends, and Cycling Plugin and Send windows. V2.0.23 - "Stereo" to Single Mono Track command now asks for which side you want to keep and if you want to copy track data from the original track

Insert & Send Cycle / Toggle / BypassVersion 1.0.6

A collection of scripts for cycling through the inserts (plugins) and Sends of a selected track. Includes both a Stream Deck and Surface. UPDATE 8/28/21 - Bypassing/Closing/Active/Inactive commands on tracks with empty slots no longer pops up the insert or Send menu.

Insert Plugin On Next Free Slot (Intelligent)Version 1.7.4

A script that will insert a plugin (multichannel or multi-mono) on any size track / insert channel width in the first available slot. Can be used across mutltiple tracks with different channel widths. No need to specify the plugin channel width, the script handles that for you.

Mix Window Compatibilty Helper ScriptVersion 1.0.1

This script will help make your scripts more compatible with the Mix window by switching from the Mix window to the Edit window and back again.

Listen…Version 1.1.1

A not so serious but very helpful surface to focus on listening. AI examies the signal and gives helpful sugggestions. Click surface for more insight Inspiration from Steven Massey's "Listen" plug-in and Brian Eno.

Get X/Y Coordinates, Window, and Mouse InfoVersion 1.0.54

To help with "Click Relative to UI" actions, this script will display the X/Y coordinates of the current mouse position relative to the active window and other usesful info. The results can be copied directly from the dialog box or saved to the log.

Renumber Markers ChronologicallyVersion 1.0.54

A script that wil renumber your Markers chronologically from left to right. Once renumbered they will be set to Bar|Beat. The script will then ask you if you'd like to convert them to Absolute. It's recommended that you save your session before running.

Track Phase/Polarity FlipVersion 1.0.55

This script will invert the phase of a track by selecting all clips on the track and flip their polarity via clip FX. Works with multiple tracks. Use it once then A/B via undo/redo Requires Pro Tools Ultimate. Please read the documentation - it's short.

Christian Scheuer

Dialog Editing iZotopeVersion 1.1.4

This package provides scripts for dialogue editing with Pro Tools and iZotope RX Advanced. Copy clips to processing tracks, send to iZotope, adjust iZotope modules, render clips and others.

Pro Tools MemLocs 11-19Version 1.0.0

This package provides quick access to Pro Tools memory locations 11-19.

Pro Tools & Ableton Live integrationVersion 1.1.0

Scripts for sending audio quickly back & forth between Pro Tools and Ableton Live. The scripts maintain version numbers for exported Live clips so you can easily find the Live project for a designed sound again.

Pro Tools Field RecorderVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to batch select specific Field Recorder channels (A1-A9 and Boom)

Pro Tools Clip PanningVersion 1.0.0

Provides scripts to set the panning of a clip to preset values. Useful when you just imported a clip from your sound library and you want it to not start at 100% L/R

Pro Tools Session ManagementVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to help manage storage of and navigation of Pro Tools sessions, files, directories etc.

Google Chrome Video ControlsVersion 1.0.1

Scripts to control playback of videos in Google Chrome

Pro Tools Temp Memory LocationsVersion 1.0.0

Scripts to create and navigate to temp markers in Pro Tools based on actual PT markers

Pro Tools Scroll FadersVersion 1.0.0

This package contains a few scripts to make your mouse scroll wheel into a Volume fader controller

HUI CommandsVersion 1.0.2

Collection of commands that use SoundFlow's HUI emulator to control Pro Tools

Video Converter for Pro ToolsVersion 1.3.7

Convert any video file to DNxHD 1080p, a format that Pro Tools and other DAWs like.

Fader BankVersion 1.1.1

Fader Bank surface. Contains 8 faders that send out MIDI CC values. You can program it to send different CC's depending on what you need.

NotesVersion 1.2.7

Manage notes in your Pro Tools sessions. Store your notes in different categories, add notes in realtime, import/export from Pro Tools markers, PIX, and export to HTML/PDF, Pro Tools etc.

Hangout #1Version 0.0.1

For internal beta testing

SoundminerVersion 1.1.4

Collection of scripts to remote control Soundminer v5 Pro

Cubase MIDI+VEP selection and visibilitiesVersion 0.0.1

For working with MIDI to Vienna Ensemble Pro, with a return for each midi channel

Online/OfflineVersion 1.0.3

Take your computer online/offline

Logic Pro XVersion 1.0.3

Logic Pro X commands

SoundFlow SyncVersion 1.0.7

Utilities for conforming and reconforming EDLs, AAFs and much more.

Pro Tools UtilitiesVersion 1.0.31

Collection of utility scripts for Pro Tools

Pro Tools Preference ManagerVersion 1.1.0

Store and recall presets of your Pro Tools Preferences in your SoundFlow cloud account.

EuControlVersion 1.2.6

Utilities for remote controlling the EuControl app

Pro Tools Deck SpottingVersion 1.0.0

Spot Clip Groups in Pro Tools via a dynamic Deck.

SF LABVersion 1.0.3

HueVersion 1.1.4

Philips Hue Integration - control your lights & scenes from SoundFlow

SoundFlow Facility ManagerVersion 1.0.1

Scripts for managing SoundFlow Facility Server

OBSVersion 1.0.0

Commands & templates for controlling OBS

Pro Tools SpottingVersion 1.0.2

Surface/App with editable button matrix for spotting in Pro Tools from iPads, Android devices.

ZoomVersion 1.0.2

Control Zoom from your Stream Deck

Pro Tools AudioSuiteVersion 1.0.1

Tools for automating Pro Tools AudioSuite plugins

SoundlyVersion 1.1.3

Soundly Integration - control Soundly from SoundFlow

Pro Tools Track Control DeckVersion 1.1.3

Dynamic Deck that allows you to control Record, Input, Mute & Solo states for 5 tracks in Pro Tools.

Dmitriy Vasilyev

Evan Mangiamele

Floris Tentij

Garrett Atkinson

Jason Olson

Jesper Ankarfeldt

Quicktime 7Version 1.0.1

Handy tools for replacing Audio in a Video File. (only for OS in English).

FinderVersion 1.0.0

Test af custom package

Cubase Plugins FunctionsVersion 1.1.2

- Open/Bypass/OnOff Plugins with a keycommand - Insert plugins with popup menu - Navigate your session

Cubendo MIDI Selector: RhythmVersion 1.0.4

The ultimate Rhythm Selector Tool for Cubase/Nuendo 10+.

Cubendo MIDI Selector: Note LengthVersion 1.0.1

The ultimate Note Length Selector Tool for Cubase/Nuendo 10+.

Cubendo MIDI Selector: PitchVersion 1.0.3

The ultimate Pitch Selector tool for Cubase/Nuendo 10+.

Timecode Shortcuts [Cubase]Version 1.2.1

- Change Timecode faster and more safe in Cubase/Nuendo - Jump to Timecode preset with one key stroke - Create Timecode preset for quick navigation

Mouse Zoom [Cubase]Version 1.0.2

Get access to multiple Zoom Commands in Cubase/Nuendo with your mouse (or other triggers)

Mouse Transport Control [Cubase]Version 1.0.2

Get access to Nudging Commands in Cubase/Nuendo with your mouse (or other triggers)

Tempo TapperVersion 1.0.2

Simple app to tap and find a tempo.

Cubase Video PlayerVersion 1.0.4

Will automatically make Cubase / Nuendo's Video Player window to full screen or hide it.

Cubase Gamework MacrosVersion 1.0.9

Custom macros for cutting narration and dealing with cycle markers. - To use Insert Page+Narration as well as Create New Cycle Marker, make sure the maker track is right below the audio track.

Tempo and Time Signature [Cubase]Version 1.0.0

Function to easilier work with Tempo and Time Signatures in Cubase / Nuendo.

Replace Audio in Video FileVersion 1.7.0

A simple app to replace the audio in a video file.

Key Commands Popup Search (Cubase / Nuendo)Version 1.0.1

Access and search through all Cubase or Nuendo Key Commands through a popup window. Quickly add new shortcuts to key command.

Mount & Eject VolumesVersion 1.1.0

Mount and eject volumes with a Poup Search or by predefining the volume

Stellar Project Creation Version 1.0.0

Create a Stellar Project based on Excel and PNG files Price: $40 per month + tax.

Channel Settings: Plugins & Routing [Cubase]Version 1.0.8

A new script to control plugins and other things in Channel Settings

Owen Granich-Young

NAVIGATIONVersion 1.0.1

For Brett. A session navigtion toolset.

Soundminer & RadiumVersion 1.0.0

A datababse jumping template. A Radium Stems importing Script. A Composite Files Marco. 3 Useful things I'm not seeing in other peoples Soundminer kits.

Marker CUE Button CreatorVersion 1.0.1

This is a VERY SIMPLE Template for creating buttons to drop markers with common FX cues. If you perfer regions there's a lot of optons out there. But I prefer using markers to work.

FX RecallVersion 1.0.0

ALPHA of FX Recall for TV/FILM editing, as well as Folder track Cut and Past Navigation. It's a bit user specifc right now. Feel free to ask questions in forum if you want to get it working with your personal setup. Hope to refine/bombproof & updat over time.

Track HeightsVersion 1.0.0

Thre are two templates here : One is for Track Heights for ALL TRACKS. The second is for Selected tracks - OR - hold OPTION to Trigger all heights. Obviously I personally find the 2nd one more versatile and useful, but you may not want to hold option down. You MUST HAVE A TRACK SELECTED for these to work. I'm not an expert by any mean's mostly adapted from the forum. Thanks Chris Shaw

AAF ORGANIZERVersion 1.0.0

For Sam. Alpha of AAF organzier. I need to template it so users can create their own destination tracks, and it's not cluttered with a bunch of repeating scripts. But Same needs it today.

RX 8 Module Chain RoundtripVersion 1.0.0

This is a Round Trip Template for the Module Chain in RX 8. It will send selected Audio File to RX 8 run the preset selected for Module Chain, send back and render. *RX 8 MUST ALREADY BE OPEN FOR THIS TO WORK* Big shout out to @Michael_Mullane who built this script. I simply templated it for general use.

Severin Ahn

Tony Greenwood