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Dolby Atmos Music Mixing Track Panning

Dolby Atmos Music Mixing Track Panning

Macros for quickly setting panning positions in the Atmos/surround panner.

These macros quickly set a selected track's Atmos/surround panner to a fixed position.

The track output window/surround panner must be closed for these to work.

I think these macros are fairly self-explanatory, but here's some clarity on a few of them.

  • Set Front Divergence 81 - This will set the front divergence to 81 to put a little of something panned in the center across the front.

  • Use Phantom Center - This will remove a track from the center channel to utilize a "phantom center" for center panned tracks.

  • Search Track Outputs - You may use this to quickly route to a buss or object bed. I have dedicated routing macros on my deck for my own object beds which you may wish to create to route to height channels and/or front wides.

How do I get Dolby Atmos Music Mixing Track Panning?

Dolby Atmos Music Mixing Track Panning  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'Dolby Atmos Music Mixing Track Panning' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.