The new standard in Post Production

SoundFlow is going to save you hundreds of hours over the next few years.
How do you wanna spend that time?

Trigger shortcuts from custom devices

Tired of all that mouse clicking and trying to remember a gazillion shortcuts in your head?
Take a real shortcut instead!
SoundFlow supports triggering commands from custom devices such as Elgato and Xkeys, as well as any MIDI device. Program the devices with your own custom icons so you won't have to remember anything.
Let's make sound editing fun again!

Explore all the built in shortcuts

Build your own custom surfaces

Everybody works differently. So why should you have to constrain yourself to something designed by someone else? SoundFlow lets you design your own iPad surfaces, complete with built in Pro Tools or Cubase commands, your custom workflows or scripts, or even controlling files, exports or sending mail. It's all up to you - what do you want it to do? We just need to make it able to brew a cup of coffee...

The clock is ticking

Tasks that used to require tens of man-hours can now be done in a matter of minutes. Save yourself time to be more creative, or to get home an hour earlier - it's up to you.

Make SoundFlow do the work for you

Why do you need to click 10 times with a mouse on small colored circles and buttons to do a simple task?
We believe if we make some of today's click-heavy tasks easier, they stop being something we do some of the time, and become something we just do, all of the time.
Let the computers do what they're best at - repetitive, logical lists of tasks - and let the humans do what we're best at - being creative, emotional and making original decisions.