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This script is designed to automate QuietArt Defaulter plugin https://quietart.co.nz/defaulter/. Works for clips with fades!

  • With SoundFlow and Defaulter you can apply gain for clips with fades

  • Works only with Defaulter v1.7 and above

  • Make sure **"fire macro keys" **enabled

  • Set up another settings as you prefer or select a Preset (must have "fire macro keys" enabled)

  • Select clips and tracks you want to apply clip gain with Defaulter

  • Run the command preset and wait for Sound Flow and Defaulter make their job

How do I get Defaulter?

Defaulter  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'Defaulter' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.