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Edit Tools

Edit Tools

Some custom tools useful for editing and premixing. Includes deck preset. For more details see long description.

These are some custom tools I came up for my editing needs including:


  • if Ctrl is pressed Backups selected clips on user-definrd backup tracks (to change Backup track name adjust second line of the script)

  • Sets 'individual files' + 'clip by clip' + 5 sec handles in AutoAlign AS window (to change handle length adjust third line of the script) (Assuming you have AS window open)

  • Goes through selected tracks in pairs, rendering clips on the second of each pair to the first one (track 2 aligned to track 1, track 4 aligned to track 3 etc.)

Soundmine Alt

  • if Ctrl is pressed Backups selected clips on user-definrd backup tracks

  • Gets scene from clip info

  • Activates soundminer (assuming you have your production sound database scanned)

  • Searches for files with matching scene

Factory presets:

Same Scene All Shots: shows all shots from the scene

Same Shot All Takes: Only shows alternative takes of the same shot

Send To RX

Sends selected audio to RX (assuming Connect window is open) with these parameters:

  • create continuous file

  • entire selection

  • zero handles

Originally tested with izotope RX 8 & 7, but will probably work with other versions too.

If control is pressed, backs up selection first. To change base name of backup tracks, modify 2nd line of the script.

RX: Learn + Render

Learns and then renders user defined module. For different modules, simply create new presets.

  • Learns the selection

  • Selects All

  • Renders

If control is pressed, simply opens the module window.

RX: Render

Same as above but for modules that don't have Learn.

RX: Send Back

Sends back to Pro Tools and hits Render in Connect window (assuming it is open)

RX: Send Back Round Trip

  • Sends back to Pro Tools and hits Render in Connect window (assuming it is open)

  • Backs up rendered clips on tracks with name, provided in the 2nd line of the script

  • Sends clips back to RX for further processing

Trim by Selection

Like Pro Tools' original Trim by Selection but with 4 frame fades on each side

Trim by Picture Cut track

Trims selected tracks by currently active shot referring to =PC= track

With 4 frame fades on each side

Doesn't need a selection, just place the cursor inside target shot

Perspective Cut

Cuts clips on selected track(s) in checkerboard order between the initial track(s) and user defined track(s).

References picture cut track.

With 4 frame fades on each side (assuming nudge value is 1 frame)

Write Insert Bypass

  • Turns on preview

  • Un-bypasses a specified insert on all selected tracks (if it was not bypassed in the first place, bypasses and un-bypasses it back, so it gets captured by preview)

  • If selection exists, writes it to the length of selection (optional)

  • Opens the plugin window (optional)

VCA Create / Delete

If multiple tracks are selected:

  • Groups selected tracks (mix group, not following globals, all attributes off)

  • Creates a VCA for that group

  • Sets the VCA to touch mode

If a single VCA track is selected:

  • Coalesces VCA automation (if any)

  • Deletes the VCA

  • Deletes its corresponding group

Write Pan

Writes specified Pan position for the duration of a selection or at cursor position using Glide

Works with mono tracks

Clear All But Selection:

NOT the equivalent of Trim by selection!

Deletes everything on selected tracks:

  • from SESSION START to Selection start

  • and from Selection end to SESSION END.

Useful for export session, when you need to keep only the selected part of your session

How do I get Edit Tools?

Edit Tools  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'Edit Tools' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.