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202005 Advance Automation package

202005 Advance Automation package

This simple package is something that I use everyday. Capture ALL and Punch into Selection without Volume automation (no use of preview)

This is something that I do a lot and I think it will be helpful to other users.

What does "Capture All without Volume Auto":

  1. It will disable Volume Automation

  2. It will Capture ALL automation of the timeline

What does "Punch Capture All and Enable Volume Auto":

  1. Make a selection where you want to punch what you have Capture

  2. It will PUNCH ALL automation to the selection

  3. It will Write Automation to Selection

  4. It will take care of the Warning Message that you're punching into a Selection. ATT: It will leave the message IF you didn't make a selection and you're punching into all the session.

  5. It will enable the Volume Automation

How do I get 202005 Advance Automation package?

202005 Advance Automation package  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the '202005 Advance Automation package' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.