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Create Deliverable Folders

Create Deliverable Folders

This package will create folders within the "Bounced Files" directory to be used for better organization and delivery. Run this script when a new session is created and open.

This simple package will create a folder structure under the "Bounced Files" directory where you can have all audio source files. The script will run quickly and create the following folders:

Deliverables (main folder under Bounced Files)

Creates folders

  • -10 Fixed (Used for session prep if you gain stage audio prior to importing)

  • ZIPS (used for original ZIP files)

  • Original Audio (Used for unzipped audio for session import)

  • Reference Mix (used for client rough mix)

  • Stereo Master Folder (Used for Stereo Master Prints)

STEMS - Creates 3 sub-folders

  • Main - for all deliverables (Stereo, Pre-Master, Master, Instrumental, TV Spot, etc)

  • Dry - All track stems printed dry for ATMOS use, etc

  • FX - all FX stems printed for ATMOS use, etc.

ATMOS - Creates 4 sub-folders

  • Binaural

  • Mastered

  • MP4

  • ADM Ref Mix

ProTools Mix Session - Session folder for session deliverable per labels

**USE: **Copy this script to a button. Once a new session is open, run the script (button) and the foldes will be created quickly in the session. Use when you bounce, etc.

If you need more folders, follow the folder structure on the script and create as much as you want.

How do I get Create Deliverable Folders?

Create Deliverable Folders  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'Create Deliverable Folders' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.