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GuideAlign: Sync clips in Pro Tools to a guide or reference track with sample accuracy, non-destructively, and without creating new files

**NEW IN VERSION 2: **SMS or iMessage notifications, available in the revamped settings page!

GuideAlign uses Sound Radix's Auto-Align Post® plugin (V2.0.3+) in Pro Tools to quickly shift assembled audio files into sample accurate sync with a picture guide track or other reference track, non-destructively and without creating new files.

If you're enjoying GuideAlign and have suggestions for future versions, let me know at dustin@sounddogs.ca, I'd love to hear from you!

30 Day Free Trial

Price: 8.99 per month, or 74.99 per year, excluding applicable taxes and discounts.

Requirements: Sound Flow 5.0.0+, Auto-Align Post 2.0.3+, and was tested in Pro Tools 2020.x and 2021.x. More versions of Pro Tools might work as well, but need testing.

Known issues:

  • Might be unpredictable with Pro Tools in full screen mode. Let me know if you're using it this way.

Update History

**Version 2.3.2: **Interim bug fix for nudge value popup menu fix on Monterey

**Version 2.3.0: **Replaced using groups with using pro tools SDK calls for track selection. It's cleaner and less buggy than using groups. I can only test on Sonoma at the moment so if this breaks macOs 13 and lower, and Pro Tools 20203.9 and lower, let me know :)

**Version 2.2.9: **Fixed a spelling mistake 😅

**Version 2.2.8: **Fixed a bug that could occur previous to a user starting a trial (Thanks Jacquelyn Chin!)

**Version 2.2.7: **Fixed a bug related to first run cloud sync initialization (was introduced in 2.2.6)

**Version 2.2.6: **Fixed a bug when GuideAlign track group was offscreen by resizing the Groups List window. (Thanks Maya Peart!)

**Version 2.2.5: **Now using groups to select the tracks to be aligned, which is faster than individually selecting the tracks. Let me know if this isn't working for any of you! Also bug fixes for 2023.9 markers.

**Version 2.2.4: **Update for creating markers in Pro Tools 2023.6 and above

**Version 2.2.3: **Fix for checking for Auto-Align Post version V1 (Thanks Kendall Barron! )

**Version 2.2.2: **Reverted previous optimization for compatibility reasons on PT2023.6+ (Thanks Andrew Scheps!)

**Version 2.2.1: **Further optimizations to refreshing Pro Tools UI.

**Version 2.2.0: **Nerdy internal optimizations: refreshing Pro Tools UI no longer writes session bit depth info to the log, which makes the app faster on Pro Tools 2023.6+, improved the responsiveness of the cancellation routine (should now cancel almost immediately instead of having to hold the keys down for a couple of seconds), and deprecated the use of globalState (moved the relevant data to surfaceState)

**Version 2.0.11: **Fix for surface not showing completely if Pro Tools isn't open

**Version 2.0.10: **Minor cosmetic fix (app was displaying incorrect version number)

**Version 2.0.9: **Fix for PT_SDK_FAIL message on older Pro Tools versions. (Thanks Tyler Newhouse)

**Version 2.0.8: **Fix for multiple installed PT Versions (Thanks Jason Freeman, Andrew Scheps, and Marco Bernardo!)

**Version 2.0.7: **Simplified some code, added more error handling (Thanks Jason Freeman!)

**Version 2.0.6: **New method for finding Pro Tools Application in non-default locations (Thanks @Zoe!)

**Version 2.0.5: **Optimizations, moving to PT Scripting SDK for some functions

**Version 2.0.4: **Add support for Pro Tools 2023.6. I have a lot of optimizing to do, but it's stable.

**Version 2.0.3: **Forgot to update the version label. 😅

**Version 2.0.2: **Fixed a bug in initiating a subscription (Thanks Jake O'Brien!)

**Version 2.0.1: **Fixed a bug in the Delete Fades page

**Version 2.0.0: **Added iMessage and SMS notifications to the app!

**Version 1.3.6: **Cloud sync error detection bug fix

**Version 1.3.5: **Added code to widen the track list view when necessary to select tracks inside nested folders (Thanks Andrew Scheps and Ethan Horbay!)

**Version 1.3.1: **Add Support for Auto-Align Post® Version 2.1.0+

**Version 1.3.0: **Bug Fix: Detect issues with track selection when track list view doesn't show full track names in nested folders. (Thanks Ethan Horbay)!

**Version 1.2.9: Bug Fix: Changed **error handling logic for obscured elements

Version 1.2.8: minor code refactor

**Version 1.2.7: **Fix for an error that occurred when a user subscribed without starting a trial, and a UI error when a user cancels out of selecting a reference track.

(Thanks Krystin Hunter and Davide Favargiotti!)

Version 1.2.6: now checks if the selected reference track contains no audio.

(Thanks yet again Davide Favargiotti!)

**Version 1.2.5: **Added Logic where if the session has not been closed, subsequent runs of GuideAlign suggests using the same reference track as the first run.

(Thanks again Davide Favargiotti!)

**Version 1.2.1: **added detection for cloud sync errors. (Thanks Davide Favargiotti!)

Version 1.2.0: Added support for Auto-Align Post® V2.0.3 which allows resyncing offsets up to 1 second (48k) in static mode, 10x increase from previous versions!

(Thank you Sound Radix!)! Also simplified some code)

Version 1.1.1: Bug fixes related to "Whole File" being the default mode in Audiosuite, and warnings for tracks with "&" characters in the names.

(Thanks Spencer Clerk and Jack Madigan!)

Version 1.1.0: Speed improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.0.10: UI Improvements

Version 1.0.9: Bug fixes (Thanks Spencer Clerk)

Version 1.0.8: Added check for grid/nudge being obscured (Thanks Stefana Fratila!)

**Version 1.0.7: **Added check to make sure the Counter Cluster isn't obscured by another window

Version 1.0.6: Another bug fix

Version 1.0.5: Handle Tab to Transients being enabled (Thanks A.J, Robb!)

Version 1.0.4: Bug fixes, speed improvements.

Version 1.0.3: Initial release

How do I get GuideAlign?

GuideAlign  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'GuideAlign' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.