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RX Modules

RX Modules

This package allows you to control many of the iZotope RX modules with a Stream Deck. Creating the layouts I was thinking about the single Stream Deck setup, the second unit required only by the Spectral De-noise module (you know, it is big)

Some layouts recall presets, you can find them here https://yadi.sk/d/W2O4z9DmbriDLA or replace with your own.

How do I get RX Modules?

RX Modules  is a package built on the SoundFlow platform. To get it, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up as a new SoundFlow user if you don't already have an account.

  2. Install the SoundFlow app on your Mac.

  3. Open up the SoundFlow app, click the "Store" tab

  4. Locate the 'RX Modules' package by searching in the search field.

  5. Click the Install button.