Business Plans

SoundFlow's business plans are for teams, businesses, facilities, music studios or larger organisations

SoundFlow Cloud
$249/ seat / year
SoundFlow Cloud
Ask for a quote
Ask for a quote
Built-in content
1,600+ pre-built macros for Pro Tools
Hardware Integrations
Stream Decks
SoundFlow's iOS & Android app
Eucon Integration
Build your own macros
Build your own scripts
Install content from the Store
Keyboard Triggers
AKA custom shortcuts
MIDI & OSC Triggers
Application & Window Triggers
Sharing & collaboration
Sharing on the public Store
Share macros, decks and other content you've made with our global community via our public Store
Set up a private section of the Store, to share content privately between members of your team, studio or facility.
Sync your settings to the cloud
All your settings travel with you as they're always stored in your cloud account
Read-only offline mode
Connect to SoundFlow in the morning while online, then go offline in read-only mode
Fully offline use
Licensing to companies
The ability for a company with more than a single employee to purchase this subscription plan
Multiple seats available
The ability to have multiple seats paid by the same billing account
Authentication & Security
Security review
Third-party security/risk assessments/reviews
Sandbox control
The ability to limit SoundFlow's abilities in highly secure environments
SSO Login
Custom integrations with SSO providers
Terms & Conditions

Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase a Business, Enterprise or Facility subscription?

Please contact us through the website chat (lower right corner) or at

How many seats/accounts do I need?

You'll need one seat (account) per team member. If you are 4 people on the team, each team member will have their own SoundFlow account, so you'll create 4 accounts. Each account should be created by the person using it (ie. using their own email address).

All seats are paid on a single invoice (on a single billing account) on an annual basis. The billing account can be separate from the team accounts (if you want your accountant/manager to receive the invoices and manage the subscription), or can be one of the team members (if the person managing the subscription is also a member of the team and need active access to SoundFlow).

We have volume discounts starting from 5 seats. See below for how sharing of workflows works between business accounts.

How can I share macros & decks between members of my team?

On all of our Business, Enterprise and Facility subscriptions, it's possible to share packages (including macros, scripts, decks & surfaces) between members of an organization. You'll get access to a private section of our Store to facilitate this. See more in our article on Sharing Packages on SoundFlow Cloud Business & Enterprise accounts

Do you have discounts for Educational institutions?

Yes we do. Please contact us at and we'll be happy to assist you. You can also read more on our page about educational discounts