Kris Crunk
Kris Crunk

Kris Crunk


Where do you work?

Nashville TN

Awards & Top Credits

4 x Grammy Nominated 2 x Dove award winner

  • One Republic
  • Rascal Flatts
  • 5 Seconds to Summer
  • Disney
  • Frankie Valli
  • CBS NFL Today

For how long have you been using SoundFlow?

I've been using SoundFlow for 3 years

Can you share some projects that you’ve used SoundFlow on?

I've used SoundFlow on various projects for Disney, multiple Grammy Nominated artists/albums and Sync work that is currently on shows like Kitchen Nightmares, and Housewives of New Jersey.

Can you describe how SoundFlow has improved the way you work?

Having all my sounds, templates and plugins at my fingertips not only saves me time but allows me to focus on the music and not the tech.

Can you describe how much time you save with SoundFlow?

I save at least 2-3 hours daily using SoundFlow.

Tell us about a feature in SoundFlow that excites you

  • I love Teezio's Plugin Loader - it makes adding plugins to my stream deck effortless.
  • The Scheps Color Deck - working in sync, I have multiple mix engineers that I work with on a consistent basis - The Color Deck allows me to document their individual color schemes so I can send files out ready to mix for them.
  • My Favorite SoundFlow command is a custom command for my strings template tracks that labels, groups, color-codes, imports into a folder, and then exports the tracks to Dropbox.
  • I also love that I can assign macros (ie. Commit Selection Hide and make inactive, Batch Rename, Midi Overlap. Hide and Make Inactive etc.) to my keyboard. When I'm in the thick of things, having those at my fingertips drastically speeds up my workflow while in the zone.

Why would you recommend SoundFlow to others?

I would and have recommended SoundFlow because I couldn't work without it. It is so versatile, so you can supercharge your workflow to your specific needs. It is like having super powers.


SoundFlow is the most important tool, other than my DAW, that I use daily. It literally saves me hours a day and lets me stay in the flow of music-making.

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