Simon Franglen
Simon Franglen

Simon Franglen


Where do you work?

Variable: London, Los Angeles, New Zealand seem to be the most common at the moment.

For how long have you been using SoundFlow?

About 4 years.

Can you share some projects that you’ve used SoundFlow on?

Many films. Many installations. Basically, any time I switch the computer on.

Can you describe how SoundFlow has improved the way you work?

Anything I have to repeat often becomes a SoundFlow. It is the uncomplaining assistant who deals with mopping up behind me. It allows me to navigate 1000 track sessions with ease. It makes chains of repetitive tasks easy.

I have XY pads, Locators, Grid controllers, Key, Meter, Tempo assistants, CC Controllers…

I use Pro Tools Track Presets a lot. SoundFlow allows me to select a dozen tracks, press one button, and individually store track presets for each of these with custom tags.

Can you describe how much time you save with SoundFlow?.

I don’t realize until it’s not there. That’s how good it is.

Tell us about a feature in SoundFlow that excites you.

Anything Scheps is always a good start.

Templates were the big change that really opened up SoundFlow. Being able to write code and easily enter straightforward variables was transformative. I have 36 Stem Groups in my setup - making scripts that point to each group is super easy. Instead of having to make thirty six copies of a zillion lines of code and change a single line that pointed at each Stem Group, I just make a template and have my Stem Groups as Presets.

Most of the Packages I use are custom for us. We’ve built a load of custom apps that really speed up our workflow. Some of these may make it out to the world soon. (Shout out to my Packaging cohorts, Darren Hall and Raphael Sepulveda)

Why would you recommend SoundFlow to others?

The integration into Pro Tools makes this a step up from any other shortcut app. If you value your time, get SoundFlow.