Vanessa Garde
Vanessa Garde

Vanessa Garde

Film & TV (Media) Composer, Music Producer

Where do you work?

I mostly work in Spain, but occasionally in the USA as well.

For how long have you been using SoundFlow?

I've been using SoundFlow for probably around 5-6 years now.

Can you share some projects that you’ve used SoundFlow on?

I've used SoundFlow on all my projects in the last 5-6 years, including:

  • Perverso (Amazon Prime Video)
  • 8 Apellidos Marroquís (Top #1 Box Office in Spain 2023)
  • Mientras Seas Tú (Goya Award 2024 as best Documentary Movie)

Can you describe how SoundFlow has improved the way you work?

It has streamlined all processes that could benefit from some “automation”, including all the tedious mix prep that goes to the engineers I work with (and for the projects that I mix for other clients).

It has been a game changer, allowing me to get a bit more sleep than usual! :-)

Can you describe how much time you save with SoundFlow?

SoundFlow saves me countless hours and provides guaranteed peace of mind with its accurate processing capabilities, all while minimizing human errors! For those who are particularly meticulous about naming conventions and general organization, this tool is indispensable. Any professional who wants to step up their game in efficiency should consider using this highly recommended tool!

Tell us about a feature in SoundFlow that excites you

  • I like being able to display decks on iPads/iPhones, and Stream Decks... and being able to switch to different devices/layouts, without being “locked” to a specific layout.
  • And… I am excited to see that SoundFlow has expanded to other DAWs (like Logic), and even Sibelius.
  • The community/forum is a great place to hangout/learn from others, so the expandability is endless. Bravo!

Why would you recommend SoundFlow to others?

Absolutely, recommended! It’s like having an extra assistant, on a budget of less than what you’d spend on a meal! Plus, the timesaving component, makes your workday finish earlier, and it allows you to spend your energy on the more creative side, and not so much on the “mechanics”.


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