Marco Bernardo
Marco Bernardo

Marco Bernardo

Sound Designer, Dialog Editor and Re-Recording Mixer

Where do you work?

Plural Entertainment Portugal, S.A

For how long have you been using SoundFlow?

More than 2 years.

Can you share some projects that you've used SoundFlow on?

Consoada, Bem Me Quer, Valor da Vida.

Can you describe how SoundFlow has improved the way you work?

SoundFlow changed my life.

I'm more productive now than ever – and collaboration has grown exponentially. I'm more focused on creating than on tech – the time that SoundFlow saves me everyday is amazing.

I can't live without SoundFlow anymore - it is part of my DNA and in the post production house where I work too.

Can you describe how much time you save with SoundFlow?

Less clicks - more work done. From importing sessions, preparing sessions, communicating with the team and all the way to exporting.

Tell us about a feature in SoundFlow that excites you.

Sharing my workflow with the team. From simple to complex automation workflows.

Why would you recommend SoundFlow to others?

It creates time to think and time is precious in our daily work to make our jobs better.