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Automate tedious tasks with macros & shortcuts for Pro Tools and other DAWs.

Design your own touch surfaces for iOS, Android and macOS.

Get access to thousands of macros, scripts, decks & surfaces – made by our users.

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Avid Technology
August 11, 2022

SoundFlow & Avid
expand free access to SoundFlow

We're thrilled to announce that in collaboration with Avid Technology,  SoundFlow Cloud Avid Edition will be offered to all annual subscribers of Pro Tools Flex as well as all perpetual Pro Tools Ultimate customers who're on an active support plan.


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How does it work?

Automate your work with easy macros.

Macro actions make it fun and easy to build your own automated workflows with drag and drop.

Set up your own shortcuts for Pro Tools

Finally, it's possible to make custom shortcuts for Pro Tools. Well, not just that – for any macOS app.
With SoundFlow, your shortcuts, decks, surfaces and other content get stored in your cloud account so they're always with you.

Design your own touch surfaces

Control your DAW from any supported touch device. Your iPhone, your iPad, or your Android tablet or phone.
Quickly design stunning visual interfaces with faders, XY pads, colorful buttons and more.

Connect with Stream Decks

Run your SoundFlow macros by pressing physical keys on Elgato's Stream Deck devices.
SoundFlow has a deep integration with Stream Decks, that makes it super easy to set up.

Control your plugins

Download free apps from our Store to control your favorite plugins.
With the excellent Teezio's Plugin Loader, you can add an insert to your track with a single touch.

Install free apps & content from our Store

Our users love to share. In fact, we have over 200 free packages with thousands of macros, decks & touch surfaces that you can install with a single click.

Put some color on it

Get the beautiful Color Deck from Andrew Scheps to get easy access to coloring your tracks & clips.
Use the powerful naming feature to save and recall color groups.

Control your tracks

Get the Track Control Deck for Pro Tools that allows you to control the input monitoring, record enable, mute and solo state for up to 10 tracks.
The deck updates bi-directionally so it always stays in sync with your session.

Integrate with iZotope

Use one of our many packages for integration into iZotope RX to automate noise reduction & dialog editing workflows.
The Dialog Editing iZotope package here is a great starting point for optimizing your dialog workflow.

Improve your Melodyne workflow

With the excellent Melodyne Helpers package from Andrew Scheps, you can significantly speed up the time it takes to get ready to use Melodyne on a track in Pro Tools.

Bounce your mixes while you sleep

Check out the revolutionary new Bounce Factory app by Andrew Scheps.

  • Set up multiple mix passes (e.g. stems) with one click
  • Set up bounces for multiple sessions and bounce them whenever you want
  • Alerts you after each mix pass to keep you in the loop.
  • Automatically export copies while bouncing
  • Bounces while you sleep.
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Join the revolution.

SoundFlow is the new standard for creative professionals.
A world class workflow platform for the 21st century.
Get more time to be creative.

20-50% workflow improvement*

Our users say they work 20-30% faster every day.
Some tasks are even cut in half.

Made by a sound designer, for sound designers, composers & music producers

“I made SoundFlow because I was tired of having to click small buttons every single day. It didn't feel intuitive. It constantly blocked my creative process to have to use the mouse for almost everything, taking my focus away from the film or the music. SoundFlow helps me stay focused.

But one thing was to have this tool that helped myself. I decided I wanted to share it, I wanted to create a global community for creative professionals who want to work smarter instead of harder. So I spent nearly 3 years making this into a product.

Now my hope is that it will help others as much as it has helped me.”

Christian Munk Scheuer
Founder of SoundFlow, Sound Designer & Composer

Our users

SoundFlow is used by some of the world's leading music producers, sound editors and re-recording mixers.

Andrew Scheps

Grammy-award-winning mixing engineer, producer & musician – Andrew Scheps has worked with artists like Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Jay-Z, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson.

“SoundFlow has been nothing short of life-changing for me.

I’m a bit late coming to SoundFlow, and I regret every minute before I got it.

I have Pro Tools doing things automatically that I never could have scripted before.

The deep level of integration with Pro Tools itself, as well as the native drivers for Stream Deck, make it a ridiculously powerful platform.

The ability to slap together a macro in no time, and then convert it to a script to go nuts with the details makes it so flexible and powerful.

And that’s not even talking about surfaces! I’ve already developed several apps that have solved problems and enhanced functionality in ways that are impossible with any other tool I’ve used (and believe me I’ve tried).

On top of all of that, the camaraderie in the forums and the ability to get other people’s scripts (and post your own) in the Store make it a huge resource and a fantastic community.”

Simon Franglen

Grammy-award winning composer of classical and film music, former record producer and musician. Received Golden Globe and Grammy nominations for the theme song for Avatar, and has worked on films like Se7en, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Magnificent Seven, and arranged music for Skyfall and Spectre.

“I value my time. I value my headspace. I’d rather be composing than clicking a mouse or trying to find something in a menu. If you value your time, SoundFlow is essential.

SoundFlow easily saves me 30 minutes a day. It costs me two cappuccinos a month. I think that’s a bargain.”

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directly from Pro Tools.

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