CW Pro Tools Utilities

Package published on April 13, 2022 by Chad Wahlbrink

Pro Tools Utilities

This is a small collection of Pro Tools Utilities I have hacked together from the generous Soundflow Forums and lots of google searches.
  • Add Tracks to Existing Group (Searchable)
  • Bounce Batch - Bounce Multiple Pro Tools Sessions (Bounce Batch 2.0 Beta now available)
  • Convert Aux to Routing Folder
  • Create New Tracks from Track Presets (Searchable)
  • Export Selected Clips as Files (with Session Format)
  • Load Track Preset for Selected Track (Searchable)
  • Move and Route Tracks to Existing Folder (Searchable)
  • Move Tracks to Existing Folder (Searchable)
  • Reset and Turn Off Pre/Post Roll
  • Search Presets for Current Plug-in Window
  • Set Default Output Bus
  • Select Audio Tracks within Selected Tracks
  • Toggle Grabber Time and Grabber Object (Smart Tool Enabled))
  • Toggle SoundID (Sonarworks) Calibration
  • Toggle Track Width on Empty Audio Track (Mono and Stereo)


This is an old video, but the same principle workflow. This demos the "Bounce in Batch" functionality:
Here's a video for the "Toggle SoundID (Sonarworks) Calibration" Script:
Here's a video featuring some of the other utilities:
How to set up notifications with IFTTT: