Ableton Push 2 Integration

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Zach Goheen


    Download the 'PUSH2 Color' track preset
  1. Copy it to ~/Documents/Pro Tools/Track Presets/
  2. In your Pro Tools session, create a new MIDI track
  3. Right Click on the new MIDI track and select the newly installed 'PUSH2 Color' preset

How it works

The MIDI track sends note+velocity data to the Push2 which lights up the corresponding pads. The Soundflow scripts in this package then uses these MIDI notes as triggers to colorize clips on the Pro Tools timeline. Edit or add more colors by ediitng the PUSH2 Color MIDI track (notes correspond to pads and velocity = color) as well as the Soundflow trigger events in this package. Unfortunately, pads only light up during playback and will be blank while the Pro Tools transport is stopped.


select clip on the Pro Tools timeline and tap the pad with the appropriate color. boom.