Actor's Mobile ADR Workflow

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Dustin Harris
This tool helps automate the metadata information gathering and naming for Actor's Mobile ADR Workflow

How to use:
•Select a line in pro tools prep for Actor's Mobile ADR. The script gets the timecode in and out of the selection, then adds pre and post roll.
•Manually enter the line number, or optionally use the clip name as the line number.
•Manually enter the line script, or optionally use the clip name as the line script, with a further option to remove EdiCue tags from the selection.
•The script then copies all of the information to the Apple Notes app so it can me copied/pasted into the ADR Cue Editor app.
•Finally the script sets up a Bounce-To-Quicktime with the Line Number as the Quicktime name (with the option to start automatically).

Prerequisites: OSX Notes App, Pro Tools (non-catalina as this script uses the bounce-to-quicktime functionality).