ADR CUE Creator

Package published on December 18, 2021 by Owen Granich-Young
Create ADR CUES Fixed Text - This template will navigate to the Track designated in your preset enter preset text then return you to your original track selection.
Create ADR CUES Specific Track EDICUE - Far superior ADR cue creator to go with EDICUE huge thanks the @Chris_Shaw for walking me through this -
ADR Cue Select Track EDICUE - Like the above except you define your track yourself in this one. - Updated to just be a script, nothing to template here.
Create New ADR cue Track - Creates a new ADR cue Track with the EDICUE naming convention no need to add the [ ] and the { } Simply enter Character name - 3 digit ID - Actor Name and a new track will be created.
Create Group CUE - Draws from to create a naming convention then from to place in your group tracks. LITTLE HACK AT THE END before using the script go to Menu : Edit | Shift... (or key command Opt+H) and click on these settings :
This is a workaround for the Christian script which will overlay if the track is the exact same Length.
Create Group Cue =Scene= - Same as above script however it will make a selection the length of your =SCENE= track (can change name as desired in code) creating your cue that length. I reccomend using the regular Groupe Cue button for any addtional full scene cues, pressing this one again will move you to the next scene due to the nature of the 1 subfame shift. (Which maybe is a bonus?)