Auto-Align Post - Customizable Tracks

Package published on February 15, 2022 by Dario Ramaglia
This package contains 2 scripts (one just close the plugin after rendering) to help you speed up the entire workflow of Auto-Align Post (v1 & v2)
Just type the names of your tracks in your Preset and they'll show up on your StreamDeck as soon as you trigger the script.
Once you select a track on the StreamDeck, the script will open or focus AutoAlign Post, select the Sidechain accordingly and Render the aligned result.
Processing Options are set as follows:
  • Input Mode: Clip by Clip
  • Output Mode: Individual Files
Notes: This script will only work on StreamDeck.
  • If the name of your tracks contains the word "Boom", the buttons will be Purple
  • If the name of your tracks contains the words "Lav" or "Radio", the buttons will be Green
  • If the name of your tracks contains any other words the buttons will be Red
Please let me know if you think a better color scheme is needed, I will be happy to change it.