Package published on May 1, 2021 by Brad Lauchert
Most of the presets are based on the following Session Setup:
  • Memory Locations 1 and 2 being the Start and End of the song.
  • Make the Top Left Hot Corner trigger screensaver.
  • Track order From Top of Session:
Rough Mix aka Ruff
Master Buss
Mix Buss (Print Track Processing) aka MIX
Print Track
Kick Pitcher uses a Track Preset that you need to manually make called "Kick Pitch"
Make an Audio Track and turn polyphonic on
Make favorite kick color
Route to where you usually send Kick
Save Track Preset
Lower Left go to Track Data to Recall
Turn everything Off except Elastic Audio Track State, Track Color, And Main Output Setting
Then move the preset out of the Avid folder and into the main Track Preset folder. user/documents/pro tools/track presets
Vocal Throw duplicates a track, consolidates the clips and moves it to a new playlist. Then you can easily move the words that you want to Throw to the main playlist.
You need to make a Track Preset called "Vocal Throw" put in the main presets folder: user/documents/pro tools/track presets
Vocal Throw Track Preset Track Data to Recall
Track View should be set to Playlist View
Save your delay/reverb chain(s)
Make Vocal Effect Color
Route the track to proper buss
You may want to save additional Effect Sends