Cubase Plugins Functions

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Jesper Ankarfeldt
This Package contains:
  • Open / Bypass / OnOff Plugins functions on selected track with a key command.
  • 3 navigation tools
  • an advanced popup menu for interacting with the Inserts without using your mouse.
Walkthrough video:
To use Open Plugin, Bypass Plugin or OnOff Plugin, create an IAC Driver called "SFPluginControl". It's important that the IAC Driver is also called "IAC Driver" and not something else.
Run the "Create Generic Remote XML File" command to create the generic remote file. Then load it in Cubase and add the IAC Driver from before as the input:
PS. The Output function is not included in this package. So you don't need any MIDI output for this to work.
There's 4 other functions in this package that will work regardless of you having installed the Generic Remote, but does require that you have enabled/installaed the SKI Remote without any authentication.