Dialog Editing iZotope

Package published on April 5, 2022 by Christian Scheuer

Dialog editing scripts for Pro Tools & iZotope RX

This package provides scripts for dialogue editing with Pro Tools and iZotope RX Advanced. Copy clips to processing tracks, send to iZotope, adjust iZotope modules, render clips and others.


  • Pro Tools HD
 2018.12 or newer
  • iZotope RX Advanced Audio Editor 4-7

Intro video

Overview of scripts

Copy to Clean + Send

These scripts are fully automated workflows. They copy the selected clip to a "Clean x" track (designating that this track contains cleaned/processed audio), mute the original clip and then send the new clip to iZotope RX via Connect so it's ready to be processed.

iZotope RX module scripts

These scripts help open/close the different modules inside of iZotope RX Audio Editor.

iZotope Preview / Process

These scripts invoke preview or process on the selected module in iZotope RX.

iZotope Render / Render & Spot

These scripts render the processed audio in iZotope and sends it back to Pro Tools via RX Connect.

PT Play/Stop

Small scripts to help start & stop Pro Tools even when PT is not focused.

Create note for scene

This small utility script creates an audio clip group on the selected track in the current edit selection and opens the clip rename dialog so you can enter a name for the clip. This is a handy way to keep notes for a scene.