EdiCue Text Tool

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Benjamin Hörbe
Befor you start make sure the "»Return« key listener" and the "»Enter« key listener" actions are setup properly. See their documentation for more details.

This Tool selects all unhidden tracks that are named according to EdiCue's track naming syntax.

It triggers the »Export Session Info as Text…« dialog, sets all options required from EdiCue and opens the »Save« dialog. Here you can enter a name for the text file or simply accept the suggested file name. Meanwhile the action waits for your input. By using the »Return« or »Enter« key to confirm your choise you, trigger the second part of the action. (If you click »OK« it won't work.)The Macro now copies the file name and path. In case the file already exists you can choose whether or not you want to replace it.
Now the file is opened in EdiCue. The Macro sets all checkboxes and menus in the first dialog according to the settings you chose in the presets option page.
When you already setup an EdiCue production and your =ProdInfo= Track uses the correct syntax, the production is opened automatically and you will be shown EdiCues main window or the error warning dialog.
!!!!! The script might not work in the user directory, at least when your system language is not English !!!!