Package published on November 5, 2020 by Ivan Che
These are some custom tools I came up for my editing needs including:

Trim by Picture Cut track:
Trims selected tracks by currently active shot referring to =PC= track
With 4 frame fades on each side

Perspective Cut:
Cuts clips on selected track(s) in checkerboard order between the initial track(s) and user defined track(s).
References picture cut track.
With 4 frame fades on each side (assuming nudge value is 1 frame)

Write Insert Bypass:
Toggles bypass for a specified insert on all selected tracks & writes the automation for the duration of a selection
If a selection doesn't exist, doesn't do anything

Write Pan:
Writes specified Pan position for the duration of a selection or at cursor position using Glide
Works with mono tracks

Clear All But Selection:
NOT the equivalent of Trim by selection!
Deletes everything on selected tracks: from SESSION START to Selection start and from Selection end to SESSION END.
Useful for export session, when you need to keep only the selected part of your session..