Package published on May 1, 2021 by Ivan Che
These are some custom tools I came up for my editing needs including:


  • if Ctrl is pressed Backups selected clips on user-definrd backup tracks (to change Backup track name adjust second line of the script)
  • Sets 'individual files' + 'clip by clip' + 5 sec handles in AutoAlign AS window (to change handle length adjust third line of the script) (Assuming you have AS window open)
  • Goes through selected tracks in pairs, rendering clips on the second of each pair to the first one (track 2 aligned to track 1, track 4 aligned to track 3 etc.)

Soundmine Alt

  • if Ctrl is pressed Backups selected clips on user-definrd backup tracks
  • Gets scene from clip info
  • Activates soundminer (assuming you have your production sound database scanned)
  • Searches for files with matching scene
Factory presets:
Same Scene All Shots: shows all shots from the scene
Same Shot All Takes: Only shows alternative takes of the same shot

Send To RX

Sends selected audio to RX (assuming Connect window is open) with these parameters:
  • create continuous file
  • entire selection
  • zero handles
Originally tested with izotope RX 8 & 7, but will probably work with other versions too.
If control is pressed, backs up selection first. To change base name of backup tracks, modify 2nd line of the script.

RX: Learn + Render

Learns and then renders user defined module. For different modules, simply create new presets.
  • Learns the selection
  • Selects All
  • Renders
If control is pressed, simply opens the module window.

RX: Render

Same as above but for modules that don't have Learn.

RX: Send Back

Sends back to Pro Tools and hits Render in Connect window (assuming it is open)

RX: Send Back Round Trip

  • Sends back to Pro Tools and hits Render in Connect window (assuming it is open)
  • Backs up rendered clips on tracks with name, provided in the 2nd line of the script
  • Sends clips back to RX for further processing

Trim by Selection

Like Pro Tools' original Trim by Selection but with 4 frame fades on each side

Trim by Picture Cut track

Trims selected tracks by currently active shot referring to =PC= track
With 4 frame fades on each side
Doesn't need a selection, just place the cursor inside target shot

Perspective Cut

Cuts clips on selected track(s) in checkerboard order between the initial track(s) and user defined track(s).
References picture cut track.
With 4 frame fades on each side (assuming nudge value is 1 frame)

Write Insert Bypass

  • Turns on preview
  • Un-bypasses a specified insert on all selected tracks (if it was not bypassed in the first place, bypasses and un-bypasses it back, so it gets captured by preview)
  • If selection exists, writes it to the length of selection (optional)
  • Opens the plugin window (optional)

VCA Create / Delete

If multiple tracks are selected:
  • Groups selected tracks (mix group, not following globals, all attributes off)
  • Creates a VCA for that group
  • Sets the VCA to touch mode
If a single VCA track is selected:
  • Coalesces VCA automation (if any)
  • Deletes the VCA
  • Deletes its corresponding group

Write Pan

Writes specified Pan position for the duration of a selection or at cursor position using Glide
Works with mono tracks

Clear All But Selection:

NOT the equivalent of Trim by selection!
Deletes everything on selected tracks:
  • from SESSION START to Selection start
  • and from Selection end to SESSION END.
Useful for export session, when you need to keep only the selected part of your session