Package published on April 27, 2022 by Dustin Harris
GuideAlign uses Sound Radix's Auto-Align Post plugin (V2.0.1+) in Pro Tools to quickly shift assembled audio files into sample accurate sync with a picture guide track or other reference track, non-destructively and without creating new files.
30 Day Free Trial
Price: 8.99 per month, or 74.99 per year, excluding applicable taxes and discounts.
Requirements: Sound Flow 5.0.0+, Auto-Align Post 2.0.1+, and was tested in Pro Tools 2020.x and 2021.x. More versions of Pro Tools might work as well, but need testing.

Known issues:
  • Offsets beyond 4800 samples (2.4 frames at 48K 24fps) might not shift correctly.
  • Might be unpredictable with Pro Tools in full screen mode. Let me know if you're using it this way.
Version 1.0.10: UI Improvements
Version 1.0.9: Bug fixes (Thanks Spencer Clerk)
Version 1.0.8: Added check for grid/nudge being obscured (Thanks Stefana Fratila!)
Version 1.0.7: Added check to make sure the Counter Cluster isn't obscured by another window
Version 1.0.6: Another bug fix
Version 1.0.5: Handle Tab to Transients being enabled (Thanks A.J, Robb!)
Version 1.0.4: Bug fixes, speed improvements.