Insert Plugin On Next Free Slot (Intelligent)

Package published on January 2, 2022 by Chris Shaw
This script will allow you to intelligently instantiate a plugin across multiple channel widths and multiple tracks.
No need to specify the channel width when entering the path to the plugin.
ex. - You only need to enter "Channel Strip", not "Channel Strip (mono)" or "Channel Strip (5.1)".
The script takes care of that for you.
You can also specify either a multichannel or multi-mono plugin.
If a multichannel version of the script is not available, you can set the option to use the multi-mono version instead.
Tracks with no free insert slots will be skipped.
This script will NOT intelligently insert plug-ins that change the track or plugin width (Ex. plug-ins that are (mono/stereo or downmixers)
V1.1.0 Update: Added the option to insert a multi-mono version of plug-in if a multichannel version isn't available.
V1.4.0 Update: Now compatible with Mix window
V1.5.0 Update Compatible with all track heights
V1.6.0 - Added a script to insert plugin on one track with a searchable menu (with help from Andrew Scheps. (Thanks Andrew!)
This video explains it all: