JSO Batch rename illegal characters in Pro Tools.

Package published on February 4, 2022 by Jeremy Olsen
Here's what it does, in order. These are also listed as comments above each block in the script, so it is easy to change, move, delete, or comment out any block you need.

• replace comma-space with underscore, then deselect checkboxes on this first pass.
• replace comma with underscore
• remove single quote / apostrophe
• replace double quote with underscore
• replace forward slash with underscore
• replace backslash with underscore
• remove left parenthesis
• remove right parenthesis
• replace plus sign with underscore
• remove semicolon
• remove colon
• remove question mark
• remove exclamation mark
• replace "at" sign with underscore
• remove poundsign / hashtag
• replace " & " with " and "
• replace ampersand with underscore
• replace asterisk with underscore
• replace left square bracket with underscore
• replace right square bracket with underscore
• remove grave (backwards apostrophe)
• remove tilde (squiggle above the grave)
• remove paragraph marker (like a backwards P with two stems)
• replace ellipsis with underscore (specifically the special character ellipsis, not just three periods in a row)
• replace bulletpoint with underscore
• replace dash with underscore