luftrausch • Clip|EQ Decks XL

Package published on May 1, 2021 by luftrausch
Designed basically for Post-Production Dialog and Mixing demands.

Horizontal Layout [Static]:

The “Presets” row (indicated thru ClipEQ Icons) are actually no presets. All Values are stored within SF, so they work wherever you are.
A press on those "Preset-Buttons" engage a - 4.5 db Bell like shown on the Icon
  • 45 hz - Q 1
  • 400 hz - Q 2
  • 1.5 k - Q 2
  • 10.5k - Q 1
  • and Tilts @ 20 hz / 20 khz - 1.5 db - Q 0.5
  • Buid in [SafetyNet] - at least one full clip must be selected in order to perform (thanks to Kitch Membery)

Horizontal Layout [Dynamic]:

The "Preset-Buttons" append in addition:
  • [Back and Play + Keep Selection] + [Clear Solos] (indicated thru Icon changes)
  • [Back and Play] behaviour can be adjusted in Pro Tools Preferences
The coloured Rows above and below are +/- 1.5 db gain steps relative to the current gain value.
Pre selected filter @ 100 hz / 10 khz (12 db/oct) with adjustable frequency relative to the current value.
Copy Clip Effects” + “Paste Clip Effects” + “Bypass Clip Effects” and “<factory default> Clip Effects” are also assigned in the horizontal layout.

The [Static] Deck is good for Editing tasks, while the [Dynamic] Deck is intend for Mixing.

Vertical Layout:

All Values of the ClipEQ can be adjusted in relative mode.

Good to know:

  • [shift + cmd + return] shortcut is used to confirm entries in the ClipEq
  • Numeric Keypad entries for Values is used, [shift + alt + Numeric (,)] for (.) entries
  • Make sure Clip Effects [Input Trim] section is fully visible
  • Make sure Clip Effects Winow is free of floatings
  • [Numeric Keypad: Classic] seems to work best.
  • All Icons with an "Arrow" indicates relative changes (except Clip Effect Menu commands)
  • A "Wait Interval" of 5ms is in between most actions, cause of missing a ClipEq UI or ClipEq Menu integration.