Melodyne Helpers

Package published on October 5, 2020 by Andrew Scheps

Melodyne Helpers:

Two scripts to make your Melodyne life in Pro Tools easier.
  • Melodyne Prep
This script works across all selected tracks. It will move inserts out of the way to clear insert slot 1, instantiate Melodyne in slot 1, then load the audio on those tracks into Melodyne faster than real time across all the tracks at once. It will then clean up the mess it made and leave you with a session that looks exactly the same but you're ready to tune!
  • Melodyne Commit
This script commits the Melodyne you've done to the selected tracks. It commits only the Melodyne insert, leaving all other processing intact. It also hides and makes inactive the original tracks so that if you want to go back and edit your tuning you only have to re-activate the track.

  • These scripts work in the Edit Window, not the Mix window
  • You must have a free insert slot to run the Prep script as it needs room to add Melodyne
  • The Commit script assumes that Melodyne is still in slot 1