Preview Style Automation for Pro Tools Standard

Package published on May 1, 2021 by COLLIN WARREN
These two commands are designed to mimic, in Pro Tools Standard, some workflows of using the Preview mode in the expanded Automation Window (PT Ultimate/HD only) to find a desired automation level and then Write that level to an entire section.
They are both primarily macros of several key strokes and key combinations.
Note: Both commands will work across multiple tracks, executing the individual automation values, provided that the tracks are selected. However, be careful not to select across tracks whose existing automation you do not want to disturb.
Background: A while back, I let my HD license renewal lapse because there weren't that many features that I felt I couldn't live without. However, the one feature that I have missed since is expanded functionality of the automation window and the "Write to..." commands. I mix a large amount of concert recordings, where its very useful to go track by track and rough in the general levels of a song as a bedrock to go back and do more detailed rides. This command does exactly what I've been missing.
The first variation is meant to act on individual clip boundaries, as this is how I often work: breaking the larger concert into clips with fade ins/outs. However, the second varation, which writes automation between markers mimics another way Preview mode is often used, which is to dial in the levels for different sections of a song (which are often marked with memory locations.
Have fun!
-Collin |