Pro Tools Utilities

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Christian Scheuer

Pro Tools Utilities

Collection of utility scripts for Pro Tools

Current list of scripts includes

  • Bank Controller to Selected Track
  • Capitalize Selected Track Names
  • Clear Mutes
  • Clear Record States
  • Clear Solos
  • Close All Audio Suite Windows
  • Close All Insert Plug-in Windows
  • Control Fader
  • Copy Newest File From Audio Files to Clipboard
  • Count Number of Selected Tracks
  • Create New Temp Group
  • Create or Delete Temp Group (Based on Track Selection)
  • Deactivate Pre/Post Roll (Permanently)
  • Delete Empty Audio Tracks in Selection
  • Hide and Make Inactive Empty Audio Tracks in Selection
  • Hide Pro Tools
  • Move "CUTS" Track Before Selected Track
  • Navigate to Folder of Current Session
  • New Track with Track Preset
  • Open Insert by Plugin Name
  • Open Send on Next Available Slot
  • Output Window: Follow Selected Track
  • Preview All Parameters on Selected Track(s)
  • Recall Track Preset on Selected Track
  • Reset Preview
  • Reveal Selected Clip in Finder
  • Save Session As New Version
  • Search Presets
  • Select "No Input" for All Selected Tracks
  • Select All Empty Audio Tracks in Session
  • Select First Record Enabled Track
  • Select/Show Tracks in Folder
  • Set Fader to 0 dB
  • Set Playback Buffer to 64 samples
  • Set Playback Buffer to 128 samples
  • Set Playback Buffer to 256 samples
  • Set Playback Buffer to 512 samples
  • Set Playback Buffer to 1024 samples
  • Show All Active Tracks
  • Split Selected Clip(s) at Markers
  • Stop at Playback Position
  • Toggle Edit Window Scrolling (No/Continuous)
  • Trim Volume Automation in Selection

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