Pro Tools Windows

Package published on June 29, 2021 by Samuel Henriques
These are templates to commonly used Pro Tools windows.
  • Bounce Mix Window.
Couldn't decide what to do with the name. So anyone can decide depending on they'r method.
You can open the window with a menu click action, set the name with another action and then add this template, choose "No" on the "Open Bounce Window" option and set the options you need. Just choose "No" on the "Open Bounce Window" option.
For the Mix Sources, write the actual source, don't need the path. It will look for the fors that matches the source, so write it correctly to get the correct one and so it doesn't keep choosing, in the cases the source doesn't change
You can selct "MOV" settings are not yet in the template.
  • Commit Tracks Window
  • Export Clips as Files... Window
  • Export Session Text Window
  • MP3 Export Window
I indend to do more in the future, if there is any you would like, let me know.
These are NOT THOROUGHLY TESTED, so please let me know of anything I can fix.
Comments to improvements are very welcome.