Raphael Sepulveda Utilities

Package published on December 29, 2020 by Raphael Sepulveda
A collection of commands that can be used inside macros. Aimed to those who don't want to see any code!
I'll be constantly updating these and I'm open to suggestions, so get in touch if you have feedback! Either create a new forum post on this package's forum section or contact me at raphael@raphaelsepulveda.com
I Initial my commands so they're easier to find amongs the many actions in the macro actions search. Just type "RS_"!

Commands Included

Move to New Folder

Allows you to automate the 'Move to New Folder' window. Includes a 'Select Folder Only' feature that makes sure that the newly created folder is the only track selected at the end of the process. This opens up the possibility to recall a Track Preset immediately after!

Recall Track Preset

Simple, but robust! Use it right after the 'Move to New Folder' command with 'Select Folder Only' on to recall a track preset in one go!

Create New Track with Track Preset

Route Selected Tracks to Output

An improved version of the stock Select Track Output command. This one has safety nets built in to prevent common errors, especially when trying to route to a mono output.