Ron Aston's FX Cuing Package

Package published on May 1, 2021 by Ron Aston
This package contains many SF 'Text' macros that I use for the purpose of cuing Effects. In my workflow, I first cue all of my hard effects and design. Then after cuing a show, I can just start cutting effects based on all of the cues that I've created. For me, it makes the process of cutting effexts quicker once I've done all the cuing. Each of these macros creates a clip group within Pro Tools that is already labled. I launch all of them from a StreamDeck XL. Most of them are generic cues, but some of them are specific to the shows that I've been working on lately. They're very easy to create and I feel that they save a lot of time when compared to creating each of these text cue macros, step by step.
Here's how to create these pre-labled clip group cues in Pro Tools...
1.) Click and drag on blank area of a track in the PT edit window to create a selection that will ultimately end up being the length of the effects cue clip group.
2.) On the StreamDeck, press the appropriate button that will launch the desired effects text macro.
That's it!