RPD Utilities

Package published on April 27, 2022 by Ryan DeRemer

Track Utilities

  • Change Selected Tracks to "No Input"
  • Clear Solos
  • Convert Dual Mono Tracks to Stereo
  • Convert Stereo Tracks to Mono
  • Create Parallel Track
  • Hide Selected Tracks
  • Stereo Panning
  • Toggle Click Mute
  • Toggle Print Input Monitoring
  • Toggle Reference Track

Track Data

  • Copy Track Data
  • Copy Track Groups
  • Paste Inserts
  • Paste Sends
  • Paste Track Data
  • Paste Track Groups


  • Select Next Available Send PostFader (Search)
  • Select Next Available Send PreFader (Search)
  • Select Track Input (Search)
  • Select Track Output (Search)

Groups Folders

  • Dynamic Add and Route to Folder (Search)
  • Dynamic Add to Group (Search)


  • Change Tempo
  • Clear All Automation