Scheps Dolby Atmos - Batch Export

Package published on June 22, 2022 by Andrew Scheps

This package is now open source! Feel free to tweak the code and if you manage to make it better or more reliable please post in the forum so I can incorporate the changes into the package.

Working in Atmos Music, for every song I need to deliver an MP4 and Binaural Re-render as well as the ADM for client approval. I haven't found a way to do this in batches, so I decided to write a script to do it for me. This code does very little error checking, and your mileage could vary.
  1. When you run the script it will ask you to choose a directory
  2. Every wav file in this directory will have a corresponding MP4 and/or set of Re-Renders exported from the Atmos Renderer. Please make sure there are no non-ADM wav files in the directory: If there are the script will fail.
  3. The script doesn't check for duplicates either, so if there are already some Exports for ADMs in the chosen directory the renderer will export an additional file.
  4. Make sure your MP4 export dialog is already set up the way you want it. No settings are changed, it just clicks OK.
  5. Make sure only the Re-renders you want are enabled in the renderer. Every time the Export Re-render dialog is opened all Re-render formats are automatically selected. This script will not de-select anything, so they will all be exported.
  6. Make sure the Renderer app is properly set up, and that you are runnning the script on the same machine as the renderer. If you modifiy the script and try to use it with Renderer Remote, the file dialogs are different and the script will fail.
No warranties (and no support) with this package!!!